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The next RAB meeting is scheduled for February 18th at Windham Township Hall. 6 PM.

August 2014: The remedial action for Ramsdell Quarry includes fencing the site to restrict access for unauthorized personnel. Click here for photos.

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The most recent presentation is from the May 21 RAB meeting.

Camp Raven training center expected to get federal funds for expansion. Click for article.

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Army announces first five-year review of environmental remedies at Ravenna. Click here.

Recent Documents Posted to RVAAP Website (Oct. 14, 2014).

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Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant
Uniting National Defense and Environmental Restoration
Photos of Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant

The Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant (RVAAP) in Ravenna, Ohio, formerly produced ammunition for U.S. military during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam conflict. About 93% of the property that had been part of the RVAAP now has been transferred to the stewardship of the Ohio National Guard. This transfer created the Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center. Camp Ravenna serves as a training ground for the Ohio Army National Guard. The remaining RVAAP property is being studied and cleaned up as needed to make its grounds environmentally safe for eventual transfer to the Ohio National Guard.

location map of Ravenna
This federal land, situated in Portage and Trumbull counties in northeast Ohio, is under a cleanup program that will identify and cleanup environmental contamination left from early operations.

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